71 Skin microcirculation in the diabetic type 2 patients, Ciecierski et al. www.angiologia.pl 38 to 76 years (49 examined limbs). Limbs with clinical ORIGINAL PAPER - angiologia.pl | 13.09.2016 14:06:07 http://www.angiologia.pl/darmowy_pdf.phtml?indeks=2&indeks_art=8

161 Historic milestones in the management of lower limb varicose veins, Durakiewicz www.angiologia.pl of veins is restored when they are compressed by so- Historic milestones in the management of lower limb ... 13.09.2016 14:06:07 http://www.angiologia.pl/darmowy_pdf.phtml?indeks=35&indeks_art=167

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187 Lipoedema and varicose vein surgery, de Godoy et al. www.angiologia.pl did not involve the feet. The diameter of the limbs was 4 centimetres greater ... Lipoedema and varicose vein surgery: A worse prognosis? 13.09.2016 14:06:07 http://www.angiologia.pl/darmowy_pdf.phtml?indeks=18&indeks_art=91

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